I am a huge music enthusiast and have been very involved in the Irish music industry over the last number of years promoting primarily via my own brand Paradox Events. The main events that Paradox focus on are large scale music festivals for up to 5000 people or more. I am personally responsible for the creative content as well as being the primary social media marketer for all of the events.

Thousands of tickets are sold for each of these events stemming from the content that is pushed out online on a daily basis, as well as carefully implementing the content into various advertising campaigns.

In edition to graphical content I also create videos for the event pages. Video content is one of the most popular forms of advertising in the modern day and results in much greater post engagement, so I tend to give them a great deal of focus throughout the marketing process.

Not only does my content drive ticket sales for our events but it grows our social media pages exponentially. You can visit the links below to some of the biggest event pages that I have been producing content for and running myself for many years.

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